About Us

Open Palette is a brand design and creative solutions provider working under the 3600 communication agency, Ample Adverts, offering unique models in the area of Communication Design, Product Design and Branding Design.

We Are

With an international experience of more than 18 years in art direction, graphics, digital, print and creative advertising, Open Palette is headed by the versatile expert Nitin Tiwari, with strong conceptual and interpersonal skills we strive to make everything nothing less than perfect. We also got a specialized creative team of branding experts led by AnureetPhul with 12 years of international design experience.

Here, you’ll find a team of art directors, creative writers, architects, interior designers, graphic designers, new media specialists, product designers, market research analysts, media and PR consultants that offer a unique perspective in the area of communication design, product design and branded architectural design.

We start where imagination ends, as we aim to manifest what you have not imagined. Using originality of thought and practical design, we help steer your business further than where you see it.

The Team

Nitinn Tiwari
Nitinn Tiwari Brand Consultant